Air heater for ventilation systems of SWO type

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Air heaters for ventilation systems such as SWO and SW are designed for heating and ventilation of industrial shops, warehouses, workshops, wholesale depots, retail premises. They are produced in 4 sizes, providing an air capacity range for SWO from 1700 to 7300 m3/h, and for SW units from 2200 to 7300 m3/h. Apparatuses are adapted to heat circulating air, and equipping the mixing camera also allows heating of air taken away from the outside of housing. The additional use of quadrilateral fan allows efficient separation of air in low rooms. These devices are self-supporting structures made of steel painted sheet. The enclosure is not insulated. Each device includes an axial fan and a water heater. Standard heater is adapted to water with 90/70 *C. Maximum temperature of heating agent is 150*C. Maximum working pressure is 1.6 MPa. There is a louver with moving blades at the exit.

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Air heater for ventilation systems of SWO 5 type

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Air heater for ventilation systems of SWO 5 KWO type

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