Balance valve is a basic component of ventilating, conditioning and heating systems.

Product features

The main difference of such valve is that it is able to function even if the trim is in intermediate position. Automatic valve is equipped with a special system for pressure drop control.

Operating principle is simple. Balance valve is most often made of brass or cast iron. The first ones have only threaded or flanged connection. The second ones have only flanged connection.

Valves are also can be fitted with position regulators, trim location sensor, drain and gauge nipples.

Types of balance valves

Depending on operating principle, valves are divided into automatic and manual, as well as valves designed for HVAC system and combination valves.

There are also the other types of balance valves: threaded, flanged and welded, seated and globe.

Our catalogue presents balance valves designed for ventilating, cold and heat supply systems. You can buy from us balance valves made of cast iron.

Installation of balance valve

Installation of balance valve allows not only to shut off liquid flow but also increase service life of the whole system.

In order to prevent valve clogging, it is necessary to install filter. It is also important to select a proper place for installation. In further this simplifies maintenance service and replacement of valve. Balance valve is installed on a straight section.

How to choose a balance valve?

The first what it is important to take into account when choosing a balance valve is a type and purpose of the system.