Calculation of supply ventilation

Before selecting and installing the ventilation system, it is necessary to carry out the exact calculation of supply ventilation. It is a quite difficult and important operation. That’s why the calculation of supply ventilation must be carried out only professional specialists in order to avoid problems during the installation.

Ventilation calculation allows to calculate the necessary level of air exchange for one or other premise. Besides, ventilation design is projected for aerodynaic calculation. The equipment and control system are installed on the last stage.

There are certain rules of air exchange adjusting, which must be taken into account. These rules are: quantity of people, the technics for heat generation and other parameters.

Air exchange frequency is used in the ventialtion calculation. This indicator displays the frequency of air renewal per hour. In residential premises, the air renewal must be carried out one time per hour.

As mentioned above, the ventialtion calculation is a seroius and important operation. It requires a responsible approach in order to avoid different malfunctions.

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