Calculation programs – thermal insulation



  • ISOVER. This program will help you to choose the right thermal insulation. It will calculate what kind of thermal insulation you need based on set parameters, and also select the appropriate insulation for you by Isover.

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Thermaflex insulation has been an established brand since 1976 in the field of technical insulation for Water Supply and Sewage Networks, Heating and Ventilation. Thermal insulation products are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials and are fully recyclable. This was made possible by an excellent process for the production of expanded polyethylene foam with a closed honeycomb structure.

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подбор теплоизоляции EnergoflexEnFlex 3.0 program is designed for design organizations and customer firms that use thermal insulation materials Energoflex for thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines. Distributed freely by ROLS Isomarket. The procedure for calculating the EnFlex 3.0 program corresponds to SNaR 41-03-2003.

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Thermal insulation materials Armaflex are used wherever it is necessary to ensure the protection of communications, various technical systems and capacity. Insulating materials from Armacell are designed to prevent energy loss, condensation and rust formation, icing, or changes in carrier temperature, and lowering of temperature on the surface.


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