Оbject: Refrigerating chambers for freezing and storage of meat in Tashkent.

Provided services:

  • Projecting of refrigeration and quick freezing chamber
  • Choosing of refrigeration equipment
  • Instruction of chamber for storage of frozen meat
  • Instruction of the chamber for shock freezing of meat
  • Installation of refrigeration equipment
  • Installation of quick-freezing equipment
  • Commissioning of refrigeration equipment
  • Setting of equipment
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Abdurakhim, 30 years old
Refrigeration equipment specialists

Our masters have built and equipped with refrigeration equipment the chamber for shock freezing of fresh meat and low-temperature chamber for its storage.

Холодильные камеры для заморозки мяса

At the beginning of the autumn in 2016, our specialists under the direction of master Abdurakhim, built two refrigerating chambers for meat-mill located in Tashkent. Meat is dressed at this meat-meal, then it must be frozen immediately and stored at constant temperature -15 -18 °С.

Chamber of shock freezing 

We built the chamber of shock freezing for chicken meat with size of 3x6x3m. It is made of polyurethane sandwich panels of thickness 100mm. The chamber is also equipped with big sliding door for quick loading and unloading of product. It allows quickly to place the frozen production to refrigerated chamber.

We used the qualitative and durable equipment Meluck for cold supply of shock freezing. The efficiency of air-cooler DD38/504A, which is able to cool a big room; compressor-condenser unit with a capacity of 28 l/s in the protection housing, equipped with reliable piston-type compressor Bitzer and modern automation.

Storage chamber of frozen production

We built a low temperature refrigerating chamber for storage of frozen products, which is able to maintain the temperature up to -25 °С. Chamber (6x6x3) is made of polyurethane sandwich panels and equipped with two big sliding doors, installed on both sides of refrigerating chamber that allows loading the frozen product into two chambers. This refrigerating chamber is located inside meat-mill, near the chamber of shock freezing.

In order to supply this chamber with cold, we used the reliable equipment of the company Meluck: refrigerated chamber of closed type (in protection housing) Meluck XJB14LBB. This unit is equipped with durable piston-type compressor Bitzer modern automation and high-tech control system, which has a lot of functions. The high efficient air cooler is installed inside chamber of the company Meluck.

Particular characteristics of refrigerating equipment, which must be taken into account

  • Modern refrigerating equipment Meluck is equipped with many-function controllers, which allows to control many parameters of the equipment. Adjustment of such control systems must be implemented only by professional specialists;
  • Meluck equipment is equipped with reliable and protective automation, which protects the equipment form incorrect operation. In case of malfunction of the equipment, please contact the specialists.


Камеры для заморозки и хранения мяса в Ташкенте