remont1Maintenance of refrigeration equipment

Visual inspection:

– check the damages (glass, glass unit, glass fixative)

– check leaktighteness of drain system and clean it

– control the cleaning of commercial refrigeration equipment

– check the condition of commercial refrigeration equipmen

– check of handles, drain units, doors status

– check of reliability of the equipment fixation to the floor, wall, working table

Inspection of refrigeration part:

– check evaporator status

– diagnostics of noise level during the operation

– carry out the diagnostics of compressor

– check the pipelines (corrosion, damages)

– check the pipeline of liquid coolant for the presence of damages and oil leak

– check suction pipe for the presence of damages, insulation freezing, oil leak

– check the status of the condenser working surface and oil leak. Ckean the working surafce of the condenser from dust and dirt

– check the presence of coolant leak on the compressor and condenser unit, evaporator, capillar tube, pipelines

– clear the compressor unit from dust and dirt

– check the operation of automatic and semi-automatic defrost system

Inspection of electrical part:

– check the inside lighting of commercial refrigeration equipment

– check the status of lighting lamps switches and power supply of commercial refrigeration equipment

– check electric heating tubes operability, carry out the calculation of current consumption

– check time relay operability

– check the operability of all condenser’s fans

– check the rotation direction of all condenser fans

– check working current of the compressor electric motor

– clear the electric elements of commercial refrigeration equipment

check all electric contacts of commercial refrigeration equipment, check the status of automatic switches and connector wire.

Parameters inspection:

– check the air temperature in the chilled area of commercial refirgeration equipment

– check the status of suction line (for medium temperature system, the pressure must be from 2,5 to 3,5 bar, for low-temperature system is from 0,2 to 0,7 bar

check the indicators of electric control boards, if it is necessary to change the parameters of installation works  in accordance with your requirements

– check the insulation resistance of electric cable to earth ground


– maintenance diagnostics in early stages

– control of parameters, malfunction diagnostics

– cleaning of the whole equipment

– all malfunctions are eliminated during the maintenance at once

We offer:

– service maintenance

– corrective maintenance

– specialist on-site visit

– equipment transportation to the workshop

– installation, put into operation of any equipment

– diagnostics

– suply of spare parts

If you need one of these services: