Cottage ventilation

There is only operational concept of ventilation systems. That’s why the cottage ventilation is not so different from other ventilation system.

It is better to design the ventilation simulteneously with house design. Choose the ventilation for your apartment: natural or artificial. There are three types of the ventilation system which are designed for comfortable condition.

The first type is exhaust ventilation of cottage where the air is supplied naturally. In case of artificial ventilation, exhaust channels are installed in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other mechanical rooms and are equipped with adjustable dampers. It is almost noiseless during operation. Such valves need filters for dust prevention.

The next type is supply and exhaust ventilation of cottage. In some cases such ventilation can process the heat of exhaust air and use it for its purpose. It differs in that one system takes the air. Of course this type is very difficult but at the same time it is a high quality option. Air heating is carried out with the help of plate recuperator.

The third type is the combination of ventilating and conditioning systems. In this case two units are installed – outside and indoor units. Vnetilation installation is a difficult process. That’s why the installation must be carried out by professional specialists who have many years experience in this field of activity.

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