Design and installation of HVC systems

Object: Restaurant in Angren city

Our services:

  • Design of ventilation, conditioning and heating systems.
  • Installation of air ducts and fancoils.
  • Installation of boiler room and connection of heating system.
  • Inlet of hot water to fancoils from boiler room and cold water from chillers.
  • Installation of exhaust hood in the kitchen of restaurant, connection of automation system of ventilation operation.
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Emin Arsen
Heating systems installation specialists

Our specialists carried out a full range of services for the installation of ventilation, conditioning and heating systems in restaurant on a turnkey basis.

Features of the object:

21 5Supply of fresh air is carried out from below that provides a quick removal of any odor.

Supply of fresh air is higher than exhaust hood, pressure excess also prevents the odor permeation from the kitchen.

Exhaust hood turns on automatically when cookers are turned on.

High quality heating boilers of Korean manufacturer Navien were chosen for boiler room. Heating boilers are double pressure boilers that provide heating and hot water supply for restaurant.

Design and installation of HVC systems

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