Well-designed air conditioning system is always an indispensable condition for successful and comfortable work of employees who work in a building. Equally important is the air conditioning system in living quarters – apartments and houses.

The conditioning system should be designed with taking into account the following factors:

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  • Design features of a particular building;
  • Technical features of the building;
  • Innovative developments in the field, both air conditioning and ventilation;
  • Wishes of building’s tenants or owners;
  • The budget allocated to the air-conditioning system in the building;
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements.

This is especially important in designing air conditioning systems for laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, telephone units, etc. Correct work in such buildings depends directly on the air temperature in the room. An important role for such premises is also played by humidity level.

Also, an important aspect in the design of air conditioning systems is the selection of appropriate equipment.

In addition, this process requires designers to carry out a number of calculations, on the accuracy of which depends on the operability, durability and reliability of the system designed in the end.

And of course, do not forget about the professional installation. If installation is done incorrectly, even the most ideal designs and the latest equipment will not save the air conditioning system from premature failure.

In order to completely avoid unplanned costs and errors, it is necessary to contact the appropriate firm specializing in the design of air conditioning systems. At the reference it is necessary to remember about obligatory granting of the following list of documents:

  • Architectural and construction plan of the building;
  • Technological project (in the case of buildings of commercial or industrial type);
  • List of requirements and personal wishes of the customer for the future air-conditioning system of the building.

The company can begin to start the development of the project only after a detailed review of the above documentation.

The first step in this process is the production of all necessary engineering calculations. This also applies to internal/external temperatures. Also, air quality criteria is taken into account. Based on the above calculations, load limits are calculated for the equipment of the future system.

Next step is the selection of scheme for organizing air exchange is most optimal for the available building parameters and obtained indicators.

In this stage you can proceed with the selection of the appropriate equipment. You should orient on wishes of the customer. The client’s wishes should be taken into account, the equipment for the air conditioning system can differ greatly in performance characteristics, quality, price and a number of other indicators.

The air conditioning system can include:

  • Split systems
  • Chiller
  • Fancoils
  • Different piping systems
  • Many types of air conditioners, etc.

Further, the finished project is provided for consideration by the customer. Together with the project, it is necessary to provide all relevant documents, including cost estimates.

As can be seen from the above, the design of air-conditioning systems requires not only a competent and detailed approach, but also a vast practical experience. Based on this, to trust this complex procedure of a company that has not proven early is rather risky.

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After entrusting the design of the air-conditioning system to our company you will receive:

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  • Maximum savings
  • Effective, durable and high-quality air conditioning for your building
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