vrf project

Design of central air conditioning system is based on humidity and heat balance of the ambient temperature of the building.

When project developing, it is necessary to take into account external thermal influence (outdoor air flow and power of solar radiance) and internal heat sources (heat liberated by people, lamps and office equipment).

Design involves a full range of services. So it is necessary:

  • calculate rate of air exchange;
  • determine the number of heat sources;
  • develop a technical project and specifications;
  • select a suitable equipment (in accordance with architectural features of the building and generally accepted rules).
  • get approval for the project report.

It is important to take into account architectural and construction, sanitary and uu 19 kopirovathygienic, operational and economical, as well as fire safety rules. When developing project, one of the paramount importance is energy saving of the project. This means that such responsible work must be implemented by highly qualified specialists.

Design of central air conditioning system of any comlexity

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