Designing a central air-conditioning system using VRF (VRV) systems is a complex and time-consuming process. Many factors need to be taken into account in order to develop a competent project: mutual arrangement of all external and internal units of system, optimal location of engineering communications, selection of appropriate system components, and much more.

Creation of the air-conditioning system project with the help of VRF system begins with calculating necessary cooling capacity separately for each room on each floor. These data are needed not only to create the project itself, they will be needed when ordering equipment.

After calculating the power, the engineer continues to study the building plan and selects the optimum location of the refrigerating lines for the air conditioning system, determines the installation locations of each indoor and outdoor VRF (VRV) unit of the system. The work of engineer does not end after the creation of the layout of equipment and the scheme of engineering systems, the designer has a lot of work: he must calculate the diameters of all pipes used in the air-conditioning system, location and number of additional elements; Take into account seasonal changes in air temperature and load on the air-conditioning system; Make lists of necessary equipment, etc.

In order to take into account all factors and create a project of a truly balanced and effective VRF system, a specialist should know everything about air conditioning systems and continuously cooperate with the leading manufacturers of equipment for VRF (VRV) systems.

As part of project department of “Server Service” company works with the best specialists in the systems of freon air conditioning. Our experts will compile a qualitative and detailed design of the central air-conditioning system using multi-zone VRV systems. Our specialists will select the most suitable equipment for the implementation of the project, we will implement its supply!

Our engineers are engaged in the development of projects for large industrial and administrative buildings, as well as for hotels, shops and shopping centers, hospitals, residential and any other buildings.

The cost of developing project for air conditioning and ventilation depends on the size and complexity of the project, it is determined individually for each project.

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