Precision air conditioning systems are used in server, data centers, laboratories and other enterprises, reliability of which depends on the temperature in the room.

Design of precision air conditioning systems

The immediate design of a precision air-conditioning system is possible only after the completion of the following stages of work:

Precise identification of the types and quantities of necessary equipment. It is chosen strictly individually for each particular project, which is also compiled individually. A project suitable for one building may not be suitable for another building located in the same region and operating in a similar area. This is due to the fact that there are too many factors that affect the microclimate of the premises.

Precise conditioners are the components of the precision air conditioning system. These are high-tech air conditioners, device of which allows you to control temperature in room with the highest possibility – accuracy to one degree. Also, these conditioners are able to regulate the humidity level of the room with a maximum error of 2%. Such conditioners are more economical than conventional ones. However, this does not affect their power, on the contrary, precision air conditioners can provide high-quality air conditioning for large rooms. Inverter air conditioners as components of such a system allow the customer to save a significant amount of money on installation and of course – in electricity costs. Also, the use of such air conditioners significantly expands the possibilities and options for designing a precision air conditioning system.

Determination of the level of external and internal temperature.

Temperature and temperature differences ultimately affect the level of performance and accuracy of the high-tech equipment used in the premises of the above type.

Definition of technical and architectural features of the building.

The product of all necessary calculations.

Accuracy is always in the first place, no matter what quality of the purchased equipment is, and no matter how ideal the project seems to be.

If you need to design a precision air conditioning system, Server Service will help you with it! We need only to be clear about all conditions and wishes of the customer – we will do for you the rest. All our specialists have a long experience in the field of designing precision air conditioning systems, therefore we can always guarantee you the best possible results.

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