Heating boiler NAIEN LST are double-pressure boiler equipment that provide heating and hot water supply. The boiler run on liguid fuel even at low water pressure.

Server Service Company offers heating boilerss NAVIEN LST at low price. These boilers are ideal for the use in the conditionins of our country. They are compact and have attractive design.

Due to new rational design, heating boilers NAVIEN LST can run on any type of liquid fuel. They are equipped with special filters for fuel cleaning from different impurities that disturb the boiler operation.

Technical parameters LST-13K LST-17K LST-21K LST-24K/KR LST-30K/KR LST-40K/KR LST-50K/KR
Heat power of heating capacity kW 13,0 17,0 21,0 24,0 30,0 40,0 50,0
Heated area up to 130 up to 170 up to 210 up to 240 up to 300 up to 400 up to 500
Max.working pressure of heating and ventilation systems bar 3,0
Hot water pressure bar 0,3-0,8
Temperature control of heating and entilation systems °С 25-85′ smooth step-by-step adjustment, step — 1*
Temperature control of hot water supply °С 45/55/5/75/85*-quantified
Efficiency of hot water supply at Т=25°С l/min 7,5 9,8 12,0 13.8 17,2 22,9 28,7
Fuel consumption l/h 1,45 1,93 2,52 2,90 3,62 4.65 5,80
Dimension, HхWхW mm 777x327x543 836x370x543 858x370x673 906x491x764
Weight 40 42 52 94