Floor liquid-fuel boilers NAVIEN LST

NAVIEN LST heating boilers are two-circuit boiler equipment providing both heating and hot water supply at home. The boiler operates on liquid fuel, they are not afraid of changes in electricity in the network and they can work even at low water pressure.

You can buy NAVIEN LST heating boilers in Tashkent in our company at a low price. These boilers are perfect for use in our country, they are compact and have an attractive design.

Thanks to NAVIEN LST new rational design heating boilers which consume less fuel, they are easy to assemble even in small rooms and they will last for many years.

Two-circuit NAVIEN LST boilers can work with liquid fuel. They have – built-in special filters for cleaning fuel from unwanted impurities that disrupt operation of boiler.


Technical parameters LST-13K LST-17K LST-21K LST-24K/KR LST-30K/KR LST-40K/KR LST-50K/KR LST-60K/KR
Heating capacity of heating system kW 13,0 17,0 21,0 24,0 30,0 40,0 50,0 60,0
Heating square till 130 till 170 till 210 till 240 till 300 till 400 till 500 till 600
Maximum working pressure HV bar 3,0
Hot water pressure bar 0,3-0,8
HV temperature control °С 25-85′ smooth step control, step – 1*
HWT temperature control °С 45/55/5/75/85*- discrete
System’s capacity of hot water supply at Т=25°С l/min 7,5 9,8 12,0 13.8 17,2 22,9 28,7 34,4
Fuel consumption l/hour 1,45 1,93 2,52 2,90 3,62 4.65 5,80 6,94
Sizes, HхWхD mm 777x327x543 836x370x543 858x370x673 906x491x764
Weight kg 40 42 52 94
System connectings diameter Heating mm 25 32 40
Hot mm 15 20
Chimney diameter mm 75 148
Price. UZS 3240000