Floor two-circuit gas boiler GTD/GPD

Boilers are small in size with excellent characteristics, the use of stainless steel allows prolonging boiler life for a very long period, while improving its thermal characteristics, efficiency.

Simplicity and convenience
Boiler design is simple, but it provides efficient operation and easy control. Through the control panel you can set the operating modes for the timer, the water temperature in heating system or air temperature of the room. “No” function saves fuel while preventing the heating system from freezing.

Combustion Control Unit
Automatically stops boiler’s operation, if for some reason there is no fire, no fuel (gas, liquid fuel)

Protection unit in case of power failure
In the event of power failure in network, the boiler automatically stops operating, when the power supply resumes, the boiler will also automatically return to the operating state

Overheating protection unit
If there is no water in the heating system, or if the control panel breaks down during the operation of the boiler, the temperature rises sharply. This protects against overheating, protecting the boiler from destruction

Protection against freezing
In cold period of time, boiler independently turns on the circulation pump and the burner to avoid freezing of the heating system.

Fan Protection Unit
When fan breaks down, pressure in chimney leaks, chimney clogs up, boiler automatically stops.

Protection from low water level
When water level in the boiler drops below the permissible value, the boiler stops working

Material of heat exchanger:
GTD Series – Stainless Steel
GPD series – refractory steel
Technical Information – Navien GTD Series



535 GTD 735 GTD
Heating square m2 580 810
Heating capacity kW 58,1 81,3
Hot water pressure bar max – 9,8
Capacity of hot water dT=25°C l/min 33 46
dT=40°C l/min 21 29
Maximum temperature of heating °С 80
Maximum pressure in system kg/sm2 3,5
Gas pressure mBar 15-27
Maximum gas consumption m3/h 5,8 8
Efficiency % 89 88,6
Power supply V/Hz 220/50
Pipes’ diameter inlet/outlet heating mm 40
HWT inlet/outlet mm 20
gas inlet mm 15
chimney mm 148
Sizes W*D*H 547*850*1032 547*838*1240
Weight kg 160 193

Technical information – Navien of GPD series




1035 GPD 1535 GPD 2035 GPD
Heating square m2 1160 1740 2320
Heating capacity kW 116 174.4 232.6
Hot water pressure bar макс. – 9.8
 Hot water capacity dT=25°C l/min 63 81 130
dT=40°C l/min 42 54 87.8
Maximum heating temperature °С 80
Maximum system pressure kg/sm2 3.5
Gas pressure mBar 10-27
Maximum gas consumption m3/h (kg/h) 11.8 17 24
Efficiency % 81.3 85.5 84.6
Power supply V/Hz 220/50
Pipes diameter inlet/outlet heating mm 65 80
inlet/outlet mm 20
gas inlet mm 20 25 32
chimney mm 200
Sizes W*D*H 769*1073*1411 796*1073*1464 796*1165*1588
Weight kg 290 390 470