kiturami ctr-8000Heating boiler Kiturami CTR — 8000. New heating Kiturami boilers developed in 2012 have many advantages.

Kiturami heating boilers have always been famous for high quality, and combination with latest developments, these boilers will be an ideal solution for heating apartment, office or home.

Advantages of Kiturami CTR — 8000 boiler:


Due to automatic control of digital boiler control systems minimum gas flow rate is ensured, thereby saves gas consumption.

Reliable safety –

The gas trunk gas monitoring system is equipped with a gas sensor in case of gas leakage, the gas cock is automatically closed and the operation of the gas boiler stops, which prevents gas poisoning.

Prevents freezing of boiler in winter period –

With a sudden drop in temperature, the gas boiler automatically switches on and maintains a certain temperature, and the circulation of hot water prevents the boiler from freezing. The boiler operates in automatic mode, due to which it can work without supervision.

It is equipped with an earthquake sensor:

Due to the earthquake sensor, when the ground oscillates, the gas supply valve closes, and the operation of the boiler stops.

Self-supervision of boiler operation:

In the event of boiler malfunction, the indicator lamp of control flashes, and a digital fault code appears on table of room temperature.

Automatic gas shut-off system:

When the fire extinguishes, heat exchanger overheats, there is no current, and the gas pressure drops sharply, the gas valve is automatically closed.

Automatical regulation of water level:
The presence of water in the boiler is always under control, with a decrease of water level in the boiler, the tank is automatically replenished.


 Title Capacity kW Heating square HWT capacity Weight, kg Sizes HхWхD, mm
Kiturami CTR — 8000 20R 23,3 230 m2 13,3 l/min 30 760x460x270
Kiturami CTR — 8000 25R 29,1 290 m2 16,7 l/min 35 760x460x270
Kiturami CTR — 8000 30R 34,9 340 m2 20 l/min 37 760x460x270