kiturami ctr-8000Heating boilers Kirturami have always been popular by high quality. In the combnation with new developments, they are ideal for the heating of apartments, office or private house.

Advantages of heating boiler Kiturami CTR – 8000:

Economical operation

Low gas consumption is provided due to automatic control of digital systems.

Reliable safety

Control system is equipped with gas sensor that turns off the tap in case of gas leakage and prevents gas poisoning.

Protection against the boiler freezing in winter

In case of temperature ruduction, gas boiler is automatically turned on and maintains a particular temperature, while hot water circulation prevents the boiler freezing. The boiler operates in automatic condition, due to which it can operate without inspection.

Boiler has the earhquake sensor.

In case of earthquake, the tap of gas supply is turned off and the boiler operation stops.

Self-control of boiler operation

In case of boiler malfucntion, the indicator lamp blinks and error code is displayed.

Automatic gas shut-off system

In case of heat exchanger overheating, current absence, gas pressure drop, gas valve is automatically turned off.

Automatic control of water level

Water volume in the boiler is always under the control. If the water level is low in the boiler, the tank is automatically filled.

 Model Capacity kW Heated area Hot water supply productivity Weight, kg Dimension HхWхD, mm
Kiturami CTR — 8000 20R 23,3 230 m2 13,3 l/min 30 760x460x270
Kiturami CTR — 8000 25R 29,1 290 m2 16,7 l/min 35 760x460x270
Kiturami CTR — 8000 30R 34,9 340 m2 20 l/min 37 760x460x270

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