«Kyung Dong NAVIEN» Company represents a double-pressure boiler Navien GA/GST. It has a compact size in comparison with other models. That’s why they are easy to install and transport.

Gas boilers Navien GA/GST of floor type have two circuits, one of which provides heating and the second one provides hot water supply.

The boiler is equipped with a special protective chip SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) on microprocessor, which protects the boiler against voltage drop within ±30% from 230V.

These boilers perfectly operate at the medium gas pressure. Navien GA/GST boilers have a long service ife. Competitive price and attractive outside appearance of this boiler is an excellent option for apartment, house or office.

If you want to buy a heating boiler Navien GA/GST in Tashkent, contact us by telephone numbers listed in the section Contacts.

Technical parameters GST 35К GST 40К GST 45К GST 50K GST 55K GST 60K GST 65K GST 70K GST 80K
Capacity kW 34,9 40,7 46,0 51,0 56,0 60,0 65,0 70,0 81,0
HV pressure (max) bar 3
Hot water supply pressure bar 0,3-8,0
HV temperature °С 25-85 25 – 80 smooth adjustment, step 1°
Hot water supply temperature °С depends on HV temperature
Hot water supply flow ΔТ 25°С l/min 22,1 23,3 18,2 20,7 21,5
Efficiency % 91,5 91,4 91.0 90.0
Electrical parameters V/Hz 230±30%/50
Electric power consumption W 68 103 235
Dimension (WхDхH) mm 402x691x904 486x768x910
Weight kg 52 94 106
Chimney diameter mm 75 148
Size of connection HV inch (mm) G1 1/4(32) BP G2 (50) BP
hot water supply G3/4 (20) BP G1 (25) BP
Gas G3/4 (20) BP G3/4 (20) BP
Gas pressure (inlet) mbar Natural gas: 10-25 / condensed gas: 28-37 Min. up to 4
Gas consumption NG m³/h 4,0 4,4 4,9 5,5 5,8 6,7 7,1 8,7 9,0
LPG kg/h 3,27 3,53