Creation of comfortable atmosphere in a cold season for visitors of public catering is impossible without high quality heating. However, it is not simple to create a favorable climatic conditions as it seems at first sight. Specialized heating equipment must meet all necessary requirements.

Necessary requirements for installation of heating systems in cafes and restaurants:

  • High efficient;
  • Low-noise;
  • Power-efficient;
  • Reliable;
  • Simple control and maintenance;

If you want to select a reliable heating system for restaurant but haven’t got special knowledge in this field, contact Server Service Company!

Heating of cafes and restaurants on a turnkey basis

Server Service Company offers a full range of services in the field of premises heating of public catering. We are engaged in:

  • Design of heating system;
  • Design and calculation of boiler rooms;
  • Installation of boiler equipment;
  • Calculation, selection and installation of underfloor heating;
  • Repair and technical maintenance of specialized equipment.

Design and installation are carried out in accordance with generally accepted rules and regulations.

Installation is carried out based on technological schemes using professional tools and high quality consumable materials. Installation measures are completed with numerous tests and technical control.

Creation of productive heating system is a complex process. There are several stages

  • During the design it is necessary to determine the level of heating capacity consumption;
  • Select consumable materials and equipment;
  • Carry out the hydraulic calculation and check if it meets construction rules and regulations;
  • Determine the loading and efficiency of the system;
  • When carrying out the reconstruction, to amend the existing sketch;
  • Make an estimate and approve it with the customer.

Specialists of Server Service Company have a great experience of design, selection, delivery, installation and maintenance of heating equipment for cafes and restaurants. They are able to offer existing projects or develop individual design based on modern multifunctional equipment.