Heating radiators are the most common, efficient and economical way to heat a room. Most often they are called heating batteries. The principle of the radiators is incredibly simple. Inside of the sections, there is a circulation of hot water or another coolant, which, while cooling, warms the room. Everyone knows the old types of cast-iron radiators, they were heavy, bulky and unprepossessing. Now, radiator manufacturers are trying to give them an aesthetic appearance, improve heating performance and use various kinds of metals in production.

The following radiators are very popular among consumers:

  • Steel panel radiators. Their advantage is in a high degree of heat transfer and an acceptable price, they can differ in type of construction and have high strength.
  • Cast iron radiators. Despite the fact that humanity aims to innovations, cast-iron radiators are still very popular today because of their strength and affordable price. Modern models of radiators from the old kind iron in appearance are not equal to their steel competitors.
  • Aluminum radiators. Such kind of radiators have a high degree of efficiency due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum. They are light, have a large assortment of designs and an acceptable price. One minus is – it’s corrosion, it means you do not have to count on a twenty-year service life.

5974261nzbkw1386259885Installing of heating radiators

Like cast iron relatives, modern heating batteries are preferably manufactured in sections forms. More sections you have, higher will be the efficiency of room heating. But sometimes a large number of sections can simply lead to meaningless spending, including utilities. It is best to make the necessary calculations in advance to determine the optimum number of sections and radiators location. On such issues it is worth to turn to specialists who have extensive experience in this matter.

Our company Server-Service is engaged not only in designing, but also in installation of heating radiators. At installation of sectional radiators it is necessary to provide hermetic connection of sections, by insulating materials or welding. Our masters have extensive experience and all necessary knowledge for the competent installation of heating batteries. We work quickly, accurately and without unnecessary noise, in order not to disturb housemates. We are the guarantor of quality, all our customers are satisfied with the perfect result and the timing of installation work. Do not take risks, trusting such work to incompetent masters.