Necessary equipment for creating controlled atmosphere in cold rooms

In reconstructing an existing building or building a new storage technology in CA, specific requirements of fruits and vegetables should be taken into account to maintain high relative humidity in cameras (90-95%).

Therefore, the correct calculation and selection of refrigeration equipment (cooling circuit, cooling capacity, air exchange rate, surface and technical characteristics of air coolers, type of TRV, air speed and many other aspects) is very important. If needed, cameras are equipped with humidifiers.

Server Service company builds refrigerated cameras with CA system, equips the existing gas cameras with a controlled gas environment.

And also the design of these cameras and the supply of necessary equipment from China and European countries.

If you need a camera with a Regulated atmosphere, then you need to approach our company and we will implement it “ON TURNKEY BASIS” from design to putting the camera into operation.

We guarantee the quality of all works and equipment.

Controlled atmosphere is created with the help of special and individually selected assembled equipment.

Nitrogen generator

otr4Nitrogen generator PSA (Pressure, Vibration, Adsorption) produces pure nitrogen from the air environment. In particular, it can be used to remove or expel oxygen from the camera.

PSA generator consists of two tanks with a high-quality CMS (carbon molecular sifter). A molecular sieve can adsorb oxygen molecules for a certain period of time. After saturation of one tank there is an automatic switching to the second tank by devices of the variable valve. In filled tank, the regeneration process for the next cycle occurs due to the release of pressure in the tank through the exhaust adsorbing oxygen molecules. This simple principle greatly increases the reliability and durability of the equipment.

• Nitrogen generator PSA is simple and reliable in operation.

• Creates excessive pressure in refrigerating camera (emits unnecessary gases into the atmosphere)

• Low power consumption

• More productive use of activated carbon

• Greater purity

• Extremely easy operation

• Mobile use

• All nitrogen PSA generators are equipped with two filters with automatic discharge of air from the compressor. This prevents oil, liquid or unnecessary gases from entering the CMS.

СО2 adsorbers 

otr3Carbon dioxide adsorption device/Gas scrubber removes carbon dioxide from  refrigerating stores, as well as part of ethylene gas. Gas scrubber contains activated carbon, which allows adsorbing (bind) molecules of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is removed from the refrigerating room by transporting air from the refrigerating compartment through activated carbon and then back to the room.

In addition to control panel, where the operations of all cold rooms are programmed, the adsorption device is equipped with gas-washing light. This patented UNK system guarantees the provision of ultra-low oxygen content in refrigerating camera, and in practice actually prevents any penetration of oxygen into the refrigerating camera.

Low-pressure fan limits energy consumption to a minimum, which is an important advantage, since gas washer works major part of day.

• Adsorption device is a simple and reliable technology served for many years

• Supports the minimum oxygen content in camera (ideal for LTCU modes)

• Low power consumption

• Minimal need for service

• Effective use of activated carbon

• Strict double EBRO data value on adsorbtion device display and in cameras



Ethylene gas is released by products and stimulates maturation. Control over the ethylene content makes it possible to store products for a long period of time. A converter is used to remove ethylene gas from refrigerating camera.

Ethylene converter consists of two columns, each of which is equipped with heat accumulator, catalyst, heating elements and one fan. In each column, the air from the refrigerating camera is directed upward and alternately heated. Subsequently, air passes through the catalyst, where the ethylene particles decay. Then, the air stream passes through a second catalyst in which the remaining ethylene finally decays and the air is again cooled.

Catalytic converter of ethylene, ethylene adsorber


Used to reduce ethylene level in camera – LECA technology (Low Ethylene Controlled Atmosphere).

Provides protection from premature fruits and vegetables ripening (bananas, citrus fruits) and the pathological physiological effects of ethylene (pears, vegetables, etc.).

Hermetic doors for cold stores

3356538 w640 h640 raspashnayadverThere are increased requirements for sealing refrigerated rooms with a controlled atmosphere. In view of these requirements, rooms assembly must be carried out in accordance with a certain technology.

The doors supplied by “INFROST” company provide necessary sealing of the cameras and are equipped with a viewing window for visual inspection of the products. Doors can be used in cameras intended for processing fruits with drugs such as SmartFresh or FITOMAG.


Removed monitoring system

Control panels can be equipped with a remote monitoring system. This system will allow:

– register room temperature and installation parameters, and create an archive of these values;

– analyze and promptly identify and prevent emergency operation modes;

– remotely (by dial-up connection) to determine the complexity of emergency situation and make a decision on the need to leave service department;

– identify possible malfunctions without leaving and eliminate them in the shortest possible time.


Gas analysis built-in system

Automatic control system performs periodic measurement of CO2, O2 concentration,  and, based on this, includes appropriate equipment for correcting the regimes.

The latest equipment for Regulated Gas Environment in Uzbekistan you will find here!

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