Household refrigerators have firmly entered our life and it is already difficult to imagine our lives without them, because the refrigerator is not only designed for comfort, it has strategic importance in every family.

Unforeseen breakdown of the refrigerator not only brings inconvenience, but can cause damage to a large number of products. If your refrigerator breaks down, call our company and call the repairman at the house. Qualified masters of the company repair any refrigerators, except Soviet brands.

Household refrigerators are divided into several types:

  • Single-stored;
  • Double-stored;
  • Multi-stored;
  • Single-compressored;
  • Double-compressored;
  • With No Frost system;
  • And other household refrigerators.

Single-stored refrigerators are the most simple and widely used refrigerators in everyday life of the most people. The simplest and most accessible type of refrigerators.

Double-stored refrigerators differ from single-stored refrigerators in that they have a refrigerator compartment besides a freezer compartment. They are separated by a heat-insulating partition, which allows to increase service life of food products. Most often they store meat products or semi-finished products.

If you have any problems (breakage, does not cool or does not turn on) with your refrigerator, do not waste your time – contact our company Kondisioner Info and call our highly qualified and professional masters who will eliminate all problems with your refrigerator, no matter what model, Brand and type. We will cope with any difficulties and tasks.

Double-compressored refrigerators are refrigerators with two compressors that operate independently from each other. One of them is responsible for cooling the refrigerating camera, and the other one is for freezer, while one-compressor refrigerators with two cameras has the compressor which first cools the freezer and then the refrigerator.

Thanks to the use of two compressors, the efficiency, quality and lifetime of the refrigerator increase. This allows you to adjust the storage temperature in refrigerator and freezer independently.

Our company Server Service is always glad to render you its services for repair, service and diagnostics of your refrigerator. We guarantee the quality of services and efficiency.