Установка мульти сплит системInstallation of air conditioners of multi-split systems

Multi-split systems are advanced split systems, equipped with several indoor units. And such kind of units can act as different types of air conditioners, for example – column. Thanks to such a multi-blocking system, these systems provide air conditioning for complex areas or large areas. It is also possible to smooth conditioning of several adjacent rooms at once. In each room you can adjust your temperature. The only drawback is the possibility of parallel operation of outdoor units in only one mode – cooling or heating.

Installation of air conditioners of multi-split systems is an extremely complex technical process. In fact, it consists of installing one standard outdoor unit and several internal ones. These blocks can radically differ among themselves in appearance and size. Connection of external and internal units is carried out by special tubes.

Installation of multi-split systems

Many fans taking the risk on the independent installation of a multi-split system. Often the result of such dilettantis is improper installation, which very soon leads to the emergence of a huge number of very diverse failures – from the wear of small parts, to the breakdown of the compressor. As a rule, replacement of the compressor costs the owner an amount almost equaling to the cost of a new unit. Therefore, to engage in self-installation is strongly discouraged (unless, of course, you plan to buy a new air conditioner in the near future).

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