Object: Perfectum mobile office

Provided services:

  • Installation of air conditioning system for server room
  • Adjustment of air-conditioners for year-round operation for cooling
  • Commissioning of equipment
  • Checking of conditioning operation system in all modes
  • Setting of continuous operation of conditioning system with precise maintenance of temperature
  • Checking of air conditioning system, pressure of copper pipes in order to avoid Freon leakage


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Аbdurakhim, 30 years old
Rustem, 26 years old
Air conditioning systems specialists


Taking into account that there always must be a low and stable temperature in all rooms of data processing center, our specialists specially reequipped the split systems into server room. There is no need to buy an expensive precision air-conditioner, thanks to which the material expenses for equipment and installation works are reduced.

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Properties of conditioning system

  • Air-conditioners were equipped with thermal expansion valve for year-round operation cooling. Usual air-conditioners can be used for room cooling at the temperature of -5 °С.  Air-conditioners reequipped by our masters can operate at low outside temperature.  
  • Air-conditioners were set to more accurate temperature maintenance. Usual split-systems maintain temperature in the room with the difference of several degrees. Specialists of “Server Service” Company set the desirable temperature for more accurate operation.
  • Cooling of server rooms is a year-round operation of conditioning system and alternate operation of air-conditioners.
  • If there is no enough power of basic air-conditioners, the reserved air-conditioners are turned on.
  • If one of the air-conditioners is broken, the other air-conditioners can maintain a desirable temperature in the room.
  • If the electric energy is turned off, the conditioning system “reminds” latest settings and after turning on the electrical power, it start to work in the same mode.

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