Cassette conditioners – are the type of air conditioners, which belongs to the semi-industrial group of climatic equipment, for premises ranging from 10 to 150 square meters with suspended ceilings. If the room, walls and floor are covered with furniture, installing a cassette air conditioner will be the best solution – cassette conditioners do not take a lot of space at all.
kasetnye kondicionerov

Cassette conditioners perfectly fit into the design of any room with suspended ceilings: the indoor unit of the air conditioner is installed behind the suspended ceiling, only its decorative part is visible from the outside, without affecting your interior. This air conditioner draws air through the grill of the decorative panel, filters and cools it and distributes it through shutter assembly in one of four directions.

Cassette conditioners do not attract attention to themselves, they are noiseless, invisible and create for you comfortable conditions for work and leisure. Also in cassette conditioners there is a function of air admixture from 10 to 20% and its uniform distribution.

Specialists of “SERVER-SERVICE” company for many years engaged in the installation of cassette conditioners, they know all the details of installation and connection of such types of air conditioners. The accumulated experience allows our company to offer you the best option for installing cassette air conditioners and laying communications. If necessary, our specialist can come to you for a preliminary assessment of installation work complexity for the connection of air conditioners of the cassette type. Thus, you can make the right decision for choosing the type of air conditioner and the conditions for its installation.

“SERVER-SERVICE” company is the quality, correct execution of installation works for the connection of cassette air conditioners and the provision of guarantees for all types of work.