Installation of column air conditioners

Colomn air conditioners are sometimes called closets or floor-standing. Such split-systems are often installed in crowded places, where high performance of the air conditioner is needed. Colon air conditioners are easy to assemble, they do not need to be attached to the floor or walls – they are simply to put on the floor.

Установка колонных кондиционеров

Split systems of column type occupy a lot of useful space in the room, and with a competent arrangement they can become beutifying of any room.

Colon air conditioners are equipped with powerful fans that are able to give a powerful flow of cold air and quickly cool the room of any size. Cooling capacity of air conditioners of this type reaches 17 and even more kW. Column split systems are installed in offices, cafes, libraries, shops and other public spaces. The area cooled by one column air conditioner can exceed 300 square meters. The indoor unit of the column air conditioners is distinguished by a simple and pleasant design, a lot of additional functions and a reliable design (which simply does not fit into the case of wall split systems).

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