Ducted air conditioner is the device which is “secretive”. In order to noise does not create problems for a person, it is “hidden” when installed in a separate room, pantry or above a curtain ceiling. This is a semi-industrial air conditioner. It is capable for cooling several rooms with an area from 40 to 300 sq.m. Power is from 10 to 25 kilowatts.

“Server-Service” company has many years of experience in the installation of air conditioners of the channel type. By contacting the company, you can always get help in installing and dismantling the channel air conditioners. Our masters will be happy to give advice for installing the air conditioner better, in order to fully reveal its potential.

Установка канальных кондиционеров

Channel air conditioners also have 2 units – indoor and outdoor. This is not different from conventional split systems. The indoor unit distributes cold or heat through the ventilation system. But the external unit is just “hiding”.

Only a professional and qualified installation will bring freshness and coolness to the atmosphere of your home. Masters of “Server-Service” will happily carry out the installation with a warranty, and connect air conditioning systems of this kind.

“Server-Service” company is responsible for the quality, correctness of performed works on the installation and connection of the cassette air conditioners and gives a guarantee for each provided service.

Price-list for air-conditioners installation for cash

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