“SERVER-SERVICE” company produces any installation work for floor-ceiling climate equipment. Our specialists carry out selection, individual design of air conditioning, ventilation systems, as well as, if necessary, perform electrical installation and start-up operations of all types and brands of nail-ceiling conditioners of any complexity category.

One of the main activities “SERVER-SERVICE” company is the provision of a wide range of services in the field of air conditioning systems: installation, connection, repair, warranty and after-sales service.

Установка напольно-потолочных кондиционеровOur company can offer for you:

– Flexible pricing policy;
– Individual selection of climate technology models and installation methods;

– Extended service package;

– Any form of payment (cash, bank transfer).

Floor-and-ceiling air conditioners are semi-industrial air conditioners that are installed in large rooms or in non-standard rooms without suspended ceilings, when installation of other types of air conditioners is not possible. Ceiling conditioners are also called floor-ceiling, as they can be installed under the ceiling or on the lower part of the wall, have a thickness of only 15-25 cm and a power of 4-15 kW.

Floor and ceiling air conditioners direct the air flow parallel to the ceiling, and floor air conditioners installed at the bottom of the walls, direct the air flow upward. With any type of installation, air is distributed smoothly and naturally, without creating of drafts.

In advanced models of ceiling air conditioners, air is distributed in several directions, and each flow can be adjusted separately. Usually, floor and ceiling air conditioners are used in premises with an area of up to 80 sq.m. with a ceiling height of up to 3 meters. Floor-and-ceiling conditioners differ with a little depth (18-25 centimeters). It is possible to operate this type of air conditioners at an ambient temperature of +52 to -170°C. All models of floor and ceiling air conditioners can be connected by an electric heater, which automatically turns on when the temperature is lowered on the street.