Installation of multi split systems air conditioners

Multi split systems are advanced split systems, equipped with several indoor units. Different types of air conditioners can be used as these units (for example column units). These multi-blocks provide the premise conditioning of large area. It is also possible the equal conditioning of several side rooms and set the necessary temperature in each room. The only disadvantage is the operation of indoor units in one mode – cooling or heating.

Installation of multi split systems air conditioners is a quite complex technical process. In fact, this is an installation of one standard external unit and several internal units. These units differ by the appearance and size. The connection of internal and external units is carried out by means of special pipes.

Installation of multi split systems

Incorrect and independent installation of multi split systems leads to different malfunctions, from the wearing of minor parts to compressor breakage. As a rule, the compressor replacement is the expensive service. That’s why, we don’t recommend to carry out the independent installation. In order to avoid additional and financial expenses, it is better to contact with the specialist. Server Service Company is a high quality installation of multi split systems in Tashkent and Tashkent region. Contacting our specialized service center, you will get:

  • Good service
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  • Affordable price

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