Performed works: Specialists:
Object: server room Uztelecom, Toytepa city

Installation of precision air-conditioners for telecommunication equipment, installed in containers. Commissioning and adjustment of air conditioning system.

This precision air conditioning system allows to provide 24-hours continuous operation of the equipment at any season. It is one of the most important aspects for high efficient server and telecommunication equipment.

Константин Бушаев - монтаж прецизионных кондиционеров Сергей, специалист по монтажу прецизионных систем кондиционирования
Konstantin, 26
Sergey 27
Air conditioning systems specialists

In the course of our activity, many companies have become our regular customers. So, “Uzbektelecom” Company is one of our customers. Our masters have carried out the installation of precision system of conditioning for Uztelecom company in Toytepa.

Installed air-conditioning system is designed for continuous 24-hours of server and communication equipment in all weather conditions. It allows maintain a desirable temperature in the server room. The correct and qualitative installation of precision air-conditioner must be implemented only by high qualified specialists who know all characteristic properties of conditioning system.

The installation of conditioning system is carried out by professional specialists with a great experience in the field of repair and installation of precision air-conditioners.


Course of work:

Монтаж креплений фреонопровода для прецизионного кондиционера

Our masters began the installation of air-conditioners with the preparation of fixations for external units of air-conditioners, where Freon route, connecting external and internal units of air-conditioners.

After preparation of fastener system, our masters installed external and internal units of air-conditioners. Then the units were placed in correct order and fixed. After installation of air-conditioners our masters laid the Freon pipeline; prepared the copper tubes for installation and put them in correct order. Before the beginning of Freon pipes solder and air-conditioners connection, the thermal insulation of pipes with thermoflex and heat insulating foil was performed. This process is necessary to do before pipes solder. This is due to the fact that insulating pipe is placed inside the pipe thermoflex. After the insulating of all copper pipes, our masters began the solder of Freon pipe. There were installed several precision air-conditioners with quite complex Freon pipeline at this object. Solder of Freon pipe took a lot of time.

Монтаж прецизионного кондиционера для UZTELECOM. Утепление фреоновой трассы

After finishing of solder, our masters began to check and seal the system. In order to check the tightness of soldering of copper pipes, the nitrogen pressure was used, then Freon pipe is filled with inert gas nitrogen that allows to eliminate leaking connections. When the sealing of all connections for eliminating of humidity form Freon pipes was carried out, the system is filled with Freon. Then the commissioning is carried out.

Монтаж прецизионного кондиционера, пайка медных трубок. Узбекистан, Тойтепа Монтаж прецизионных кондиционеров в Узбекистане Прецизионные кондиционеры для Uzinfocom в городе Тойтепа Прецизионные кондиционеры в Узбекистане, Тойтепа


If you need a qualitative installation of precision air-conditioners in Uzbekistan, contact “Server-Service” Company.