Canalization is one of the most reliable objects of any flat or cottage. Thanks to the installation of sewage pipes, water is issued from a flat or cottage. In order to provide a trouble-free functioning of sewage pipes, it is necessary to carry out its installation in accordance with all requirements that are necessary for canalization system.

The qualitative installation of sewage pipes provides a long service life of the whole canalization system.

wpid kanalisazijaModern canalization systems are made of plastic that provides lack of corrosion. The only malfunction that can occur from time to time is a system clog.

Incorrect installation of sewage system can lead not only to blockage system and unpleasant odor but also to noise operation of canalization system.

Optimal diameter of sewage pipes is selected depending on the type and quantity of sanitary devices.

Calculation of diameters of sewage pipes depends on the connected sanitary and technical devices:

  • for connection of bidet or washstand – 32-40mm.
  • for connection of bath – not less than 50mm.
  • for use as a riser (without toilet bowl) or connection of several sanitary and technical devices – 70-85mm.
  • for use a riser, exhaust tube and toilet bowl connection – not less than 100mm.

montazh metallicheskix trubWhen installing canalization system, pipes laying is carried out at an angle more than 90°. Ventilation tube, equipped with deflector is a main part of canalization system.

Installation of sewage pipes is a responsible process that must be implemented by qualified specialists with the necessary experience and tools that are necessary for correct installation.