In most cases when the ventilation system is on the stage of the designing, it is high time for supply and exhaust ventilation.

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Standard supply and exhaust ventilation system includes:
  • supply and exhaust fans,
  • supply and exhaust filters,
  • water or electric heaters,
  • supply and exhaust valves,
  • acoustic absorber,
  • Recuperators are included in some supply and exhaust vemtilation systems.


Installation of supply and exhaust ventilation system is carried out with the installation of automation units and air handling. Additional devices are also installed in order to admit and distribute the air, as well as to remove the exhaust air.

In order to design a high quality ventilation system, it is necessary to carry out accurate technical calculations and correct project documentation, as well as select a necessary equipment.

Our specilaists carry out a really high quality ventilation system, as we have a great experience in the field of the installation of vnetilation system. We also provide the services for installation, repair and maintenance of ventilation system.

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It is neccessary to carry out the following services during the installation process:

– to select proper ventilation equipment, air conditioner, consumable material

– to design the ventilation system and correct pipes scheme

– to carry out the dismantling and installation of new ventilation system

– to carry out the maintenance of ventilation and conditioning systems

– to make ventilation components

– to make acoustic absorbers

– free from germs the ventilation and conditioning systems


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