1359835372 razvodka trub v kvartire shemaBefore carrying out the installation of water supply in Tashkent, it is important to buy all necessary materials, component parts, sanitary fittings etc. The installation of heating, water supply and sewerage systems were implemented by a company which will provide the guarantee for all implemented services.

Installation of water supply is a complex process that require the eperience of qualified specialists. All apartments are equipped with all necessary utilities, including hot and cold water, which is provided by means of centralized water supply system.

1 2 0All sanitary engineering works must be implemented in accordance construction rules and regulations. That’s why, such services must be carried out by experienced specialists. If it is necessary, we also carry out the dismantling of water pipes and sewerage system, installation of another plumbing equipment, in short, we carry out a full range of professional services.

If you need to carry out water supply installation in your apartment, private house, hotel, “Server Service” is always at your services. We provide high quality services in a professioanl level and in a short time.