Invertor water heat pump of direct current

Invertor heat pump of direct current is one of the innovative developments in the field of climatic systems. The main difference of invertor pump from usual one is the equipment with invertor compressor which allows to have the highest efficiency.

Advantages of invertor water heat pump:

  • High efficiency. This is due to the fact that they are equipped with the most modern technology of invertor compressor.
  • The energy consumption of such pumps is lower by 15-30% in comparison with other pumps of water-air type.
  • Low loads on the electricity mains during start-up. It is especially important for the regions where the problems with electric power supply.
  • High indicators of durability due to low energy consumption that this pump is used.

According to technical parameters, you will be able to make a right choice of necessary heat installation. If you have any questions, please call “Server Service” Company.

                                      Technical parameters:

Model Menergy
Мodel MSHZR-14600/BP
Electric parameters 220V/1Ph/50Hz
Cooling capacity 14600W (6700W-19000W)
EER 4.56 (5.28-3.37)
Input power in cooling 3200W (1270W – 5660W)
Heating capacity 16640W (7600W – 21600W)
COP 4.89 (5.63 – 3.66)
Input power in heating 3400W (1350W – 5910W)
Air consumption (m³/h) 2562 m3/h
Internal static pressure (Pa) 50 Pa
Water consumption (m³/h) 3.12 m3/h
Noise level dB(A) 43 dB(A)
Coolant R410A
Refrigerant volume(g) 2350 g
Dimension(LxWxH) 750×730×1560 mm
Weight 160 kg