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Server Service Company has been engaged in the field of engineering and climate control equipment since 2002. In the course of our activity we have gained a great experience in installation and maintenance of chillers, fan coil units, water heaters, ventilation systems, cold stores and other industrial equipment.

We produce ventilation ducts made of galvanized steel, flexible ducts and fittings, as well as design and install ventilation systems of any complexity and provide guarantee for all implemented services.

We offer:

  • round and rectangular ducts;
  • flexible ducts;
  • flange items;
  • installation and maintenance of industrial refrigeration, ventilation and climate control equipment;
  • design of engineering systems for industrial and household purpose;
  • delivery of roof and ducted air conditioners, VRF systems, air heating units, industrial air humidifiers, underfloor heating, controllers and other equipment from China and Europe.

Our advantages

  • automation production line;
  • meeting deadline;
  • great experience. We have been engaged in the design and maintenance of industrial climate control equipment in a professional level;
  • professional services. Warranty period is 1 year;
  • highly qualified specialists;
  • affordable prices.

Server Service specializes in the production of air ducts, as well as design and maintenance of any industrial equipment.

If you are interested in one of our products or you need professional installation, repair, maintenance and delivery of industrial equipment at the factory price, just give us a call!

Our contacts:  +998 (70) 202-01-32 or fill out application.

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Our services:


Dismantling, installation, repair and maintenance of industrial climate control equipment (chillers, fan coil units, roof air conditioners and other equipment).


Full range of services: design, delivery, installation, repair, maintenance and other services.


Designing of boiler rooms, heat calculation of boilers capacity, help in the equipment selection, installation and system pressurization, repair of heating boilers are the smallest part of services, which we carry out in the field of heating.

Cold supply

Design of refrigerating chambers and cold stores, installation and maintenance of low temperature warehouses.

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