Maintenance of boiler equipment (wall type)

i 9Wall gas boilers are ideal for gasifying private buildings, including cottages with the area of 150-200 m2. This type of boilers are distinguished by economical operation and compact size, as all wall boilers are installed on the chosen height under the floor.

Esthetical design and low noise level during operation allows to install a gas boiler in the kitchen or corridor. In order to provide your house with heating, it is necessary to select and install proper equipment of necessary capacity. The boiler is the heart of heating system and its stable operation depends on the right choice of the equipment. There are two types of the boilers: single-circuit and double-pressure boilers. Single-circuit boilers are used only for heating, they also can be added with the circuit of hot water supply. Double-pressure boiler significantly saves the space in the boiler room. The right choice of the boiler can be carried out only by professional specialists.

There are the following types of equipment:

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