Обслуживание кассетных кондиционеровServer Service Company performs technical preventive and service maintenance of cassette air conditioners from all manufacturers, any capacity and in the shortest possible time. Carrying out maintenance of cassette conditioners, our company specialists perform a whole range of service activities – from external inspection and testing of operation in various modes, to checking the electrical wiring and cleaning of heat exchange systems. Quality maintenance of cassette air conditioners will save money for repair of your climate equipment.

Cassette conditioners are common in restaurants, shopping and office spaces. The presence of wide air outlets allows you to prevent the appearance of bloom on the ceiling. Virtually all cassette split systems have an elegant design, according to which only the front panel remains open. Microclimate is supported in two ways: by maintaining the exact values of air parameters or achieving average values. The drain pump removes condensate from the room, water fall.

Technical maintenance of cassette air conditioners is an extremely important task for climate technology, it is necessary for the optimum operation of climate equipment, and increases the service life and quality of air conditioning systems. Server Service company has been working in the market of these services for more than one year, and has managed to earn many grateful reviews from customers.