SERVER SERVICE company carries out preventive maintenance of column air conditioners in Uzbekistan, with a guarantee of quality and at any convenient for you time. Timely maintenance of colon air conditioner will increase the quality of work and its service life.

Service maintenance of colon air conditioners includes a number of measures, which are represented by regular inspection of individual mechanisms of system, replacement of the cooling liquid. Qualified specialists of Server Service will perform the whole complex of works at the highest professional level. For these purposes, our company is equipped with technologies that allow us to perform service operations with maximum efficiency and in the shortest possible time.

The difference between column air conditioners and split systems is that the indoor unit is made in the form of a column. These air conditioning systems use a compressor that allows you to quickly cool or heat the air in the room to the required level. The built-in microprocessor automatically sets the optimum airflow rate depending on room temperature changes. The indicator on the display of the column air conditioner lights up when the filter needs cleaning. Accordingly, it is necessary to carry out preventive maintenance.

Colon air conditioners have a lot of power. Therefore, every 300 hours of operation of the column air conditioners, it is necessary to clean the air filter. A heavily soiled filter can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or rinsed in water, then dried and installed. In time of cleaning this type of air conditioner, detergents containing solvents, acids and alkalis should not be used. And it is best to use the services of our company’s specialists when carrying out preventive works.

To get a full, high-quality and constant service of column air conditioners, you can conclude an agreement for the maintenance of your climate system.

Depending on the number of column air conditioners and individual conditions, discounts may be granted, as well as changes to standard maintenance schemes for air conditioners.

Turning to our company, you turn to the professionals of your business, and accordingly, you get quality service of air conditioners at an affordable price.