159 0The purpose of the air conditioner is to create comfortable conditions in any premises. The air conditioner is multisided and functional system that contains both cold and heat, and filtration, and ionization, and air dehumidification. But even such a perfect system needs timely preventive inspection and maintenance.

SERVER SERVICE company is pleased to offer you maintenance services for channel air conditioners of all types and brands at low prices and with a quality guarantee. Maintenance of the duct conditioner will improve its condition and extend the service life.

Advantages of ducted air conditioners are: possibility of air conditioning of large spaces, concealed installation of indoor unit, noiseless operation, possibility of supplying fresh air to the room, compatibility with ventilation system, uniform distribution of air flow.

The only type of air conditioner service, which is recommended to perform independently, is cleaning the indoor unit filters. All other services should be done by professionals at least twice a year. Even if the channel conditioner does not stop working without regular maintenance, its performance will decrease.

The fact of the matter is that the dust layer is a good heat insulator, which prevents heat transfer, and consequently the room is cooled worse. Pollution of the air filter reduces the flow of air passing through the air conditioner. In the same time, Freon leakage occurs, requiring periodic monitoring of system pressure and refueling of the air conditioner with refrigerant.

Service maintenance of column air conditioners is required to ensure the stable operation of the climate system during the whole period of its operation, and to get rid of the frequent carrying out of such works as complete replacement or major overhaul of the entire air-conditioning system.

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