Maintenance of electric boiler equipment

Electric boiler equipment is so popular due to its low price and simple installation.

Electric boilers are the most expensive (the cost of heating of this boiler is higher by 8-10 times in comparison with natural gas boiler).

As a result, many owners of private houses use disel or combined boiler instead of electric boiler equipment.

Maintenance of electric boiler equipment is the main part of operation of this heating boiler. If you want your boiler equipment to serve you for a long time, please don’t bypass the regular maintenance service.

[su_spoiler title=”Maintenance of electric boiler equipment includes:” style=”fancy”]

  1. Boiler cleaning
  2. Burner cleaning
  3. Water heater cleaning
  4. Check of expansion tanks of heating and water supply systems
  5. Check of status of pumps, servo drives, valves, critical sensors
  6. Test of automatics
  7. Check and setting of combustion
  8.  Check of tighteness of pipes connection
  9. Проверка на герметичность газовопровода (в котельной) и топливопровода Check of gas pipes tighteness (in boiler room) and fuel pipe.

Choosing the electric heating boilers, consult with our specialists who will help you to select the necessary equipment in accordance with your requirements and wishes.


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