Server Service Company performs service, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of any models of floor and ceiling air conditioners. Also our company is ready to take on maintenance of floor and ceiling air conditioners installed by other companies.

“SERVER SERVICE” service center produces specialized diagnostics, preventive maintenance, repair, adjustment of your climatic equipment. The constant availability of all necessary consumables and spare parts in warehouse allows our masters to perform all necessary work in the shortest possible time. Technical (service) maintenance of floor and ceiling air conditioners includes a comprehensive inspection of the air conditioning and ventilation system, testing of automation devices, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Напольно-потолочный кондиционер Inventor

Floor-and-ceiling air conditioners are irreplacable in cases if there is a shortage of power on wall split system, and installation of cassette conditioners is impossible because of the lack of false ceiling. Floor and ceiling air conditioners are provided for installation in relatively small rooms. These types of air conditioners have a rectangular shape up to 20-25 centimeters thick and resemble a radiator. Many people think that servicing air conditioners is just – cleaning the filters, but it’s not. Low-quality or high-grade service can lead to a gradual deterioration of the air conditioner, and subsequently to various breakdowns, up to the failure of the compressor, which entails repair. Service is a sequence of various measures for maintaining the operating parameters of air conditioner’s level. To provide services for the maintenance of floor and ceiling air conditioners can be a company that has the appropriate certificates and experience. This is about Server Service company.