Maintenance of boiler equipment on solid fuel

Solid fuel boiler equipment can be used in the places where there are niether gas nor electricity, as it is fully automated. This is one of the main advantages of solid fuel heating boilers.

Inflammable material for solid-fuel boilers is wood, coal or peat. Most modern people these types of fuel may seem from the last century. The main disadvantage of solid fuel boiler is the impossibility of operation in automatic conditions (although there are boilers with the system of automatic coil loading); necessity of regular cleaning of combustion chamber; relatively low efficiency (in comparison with boilers operated on liquid fuel); low environmenatal friendiness (because of partial fuel combustion, the boiler emits a quite a lot of harmful substances into atmosphere).

Maintenance of solid fuel boilers is the main part of operation of this heating boiler. If you want to extend the service life of your heating boiler, please don’t bypass the timely maintenance of the boiler.

Setting-up, periodic check and maintenance of solid fuel boilers require not only high qualified specialists but special equipment. That’s why, the high quality maintenance service is expensive.

If you buy a modern solid fuel boiler and want it to serve you for a long time, it is necessary to carry out its regular maintenance.

Experienced engineer designers of Server Service Company will help you to eliminate any malfunction and carry out ordinary maintenance. Any equipment require professioanl maintenance, especially if it is heating equipment.

[su_spoiler title=”Maintenance of solid fuel boiler equipment includes:” style=”fancy”]

  1. Boiler cleaning
  2. Burner cleaning
  3. Water heater cleaning
  4. Check of expansion tanks of heating and water supply systems
  5. Check of pumps, servo drives, valves, critical sensors
  6. Check of automation system
  7. Check and setting of combustion
  8.  Check of tighteness of pipes connection

Choosing solid-fuel boilers, consult with our engineers and specialists of installation works, who will help you to select the necessary equipment in accordance with your requirements and wishes.


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