Обслуживание мульти сплит системMulti-split system maintenance. Server Service company provides the service of air conditioning multi-split systems of all types and models. Timely professional maintenance of air conditioners will help to increase the service life and reliability of your purchased climate equipment. The specialists of Server Service will qualitatively and grammatically carry out the refueling of air conditioners of multi-split systems with refrigerant, cleaning of filters, lubrication of compressor unit and diagnostics of all parameters and elements of microcircuit.

Our company can offer you both one-time technical maintenance of air conditioners for multi-split systems, and constant maintenance of your air conditioners (twice a year) – according to the contract. We work both for cash and for transfer.

Multi-split system air conditioners do not require expensive and complex maintenance. Maintenance of multi-split system is similar to maintenance of conventional split system, and consists of cleaning the heat exchangers of external and internal units, measuring the pressure of freon, cleaning the drainage pipelines, replacing the filters. If the installation of the system was carried out in accordance with the technology, then freon leakage is excluded.

Working condition support and continuous maintenance of air conditioners must be carried out both for domestic air conditioners and for complex industrial air conditioning systems, since during a long period of operation there are often problems that can lead to a stoppage of production or make the people in the room unbearable, which undoubtedly, will lead to enormous losses.