Our company provides the repair, maintenance and installation of dish washing machines. Installation of dish washing machines must be implemented by the specialists with many years of experience and the set of all necessary tools.

Advantages of our company

– quick response for application;

– high quality implemention of all installation works;

– affordable price;

– guarantee of quality

We have been working in Uzbek market for a long time and have many regular customers. Our company provides not only repair but also maintenance of dish wahing machines.

Malfunctions of dish washing machines

One of the most common causes of malfunctions of dish washing machines is pump clog. In this case it is necessary to carry out the pump replacement.

If water is not heated, it is necessary to change the electric heating tube.

If the water pressure is absent, check the sprayer status.

In case of water leak and strange noise during operation, call masters and we will carry out the diagnostics.

Before calling us, be sure that the cause of malfunction is not the power supply absence and or closed water tap. If you didn’t determine one of these malfunctions, it means that the equipment needs a rush repair.

Maintenance of dish washing machine

Use special cleaning agents, developed especially for your model of dish washing machine. It is also worth noting that you will extend the service life of your equipment if you don’t bypass the manufacturer’s recommendations (observe the operational instructions).

Our masters repair dish washing machines in Tashkent and Tashkent region. When making the application for the repair of dish washing machine, specify the model of your dish washing machine and malfunction mode. It will help our specialists to determine the cause of malfunction and take all necessary tools and parts.

If you need the services for the installation and repair of dish washing machines, call Server Service Company and our specialists will quickly eliminate the problem.