PEGAZ type air heater

pegaz 2010

Heating modules operating on oil or PEGAZ gas fuel are produced in 10 sizes, providing an air capacity range from 3000 to 65000 m3/h. They are used in all types of ventilation-heating or air-conditioning systems intended for installation in enclosed spaces with normal dust, for operation outside of building or in central roofless ductless air-conditioning units such as OLIMP. It is especially recommended to use them for heating of such premises as retail facilities, production halls, gyms, wholesale depots, utility rooms, etc. PEGAZ can also work as an individual heating module in the ventilation duct, as a zone heater or as a group of channel modules operating simultaneously in one central installation. Heating of air with a gas or oil heater is often used in facilities with no other energy sources, or available energy sources, which are uneconomical because of the price or are unable to meet the energy demand. These devices are simple and safe to maintain and adjust.

PEGAZ typa air heater

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Catalog of PEGAZ air heaters (with technical characteristics)

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