jakkoServer Service Company provides sanitary engineering works of any complexity, including such services as sewage, wtaer supply or heating tubes. Professional skills of our experienced specialists, as well as used equipment and technologies allow us to carry out all installation and design works quickly, qualitatively and in a professional level.

Server Service Company carries out the services of the dismantling of pipes distribution system in apartment, replacement of steel pipes to polypropylene with the connection of diffusion welding or to copper pipes, connected by soldering method.

When is it necessary to carry out the pipes replacement?

  1. When carrying out repair works, where pipeline laying is carried out
  2. When reducing their inside diameter because of clog. In case of heating, it also can lead to unequal heating of separate radiators
  3. Functional loss of separate sections of pipeline

Stage of working

Pipes replacement includes the following services:

  1. Departure of our specialists for consultation and necessary measurements;
  2. Pipelines sheming in accordance with the customer’s requirements, calculation of necessary materials, equipment, cost determination and duration of works
  3. Purchase and delivery of all necessary equipment and materials
  4. Dismantling of old pipeline
  5. Carying out of installation works, including pipeline laying, isolation valve
  6. Check of the system for tightenes and resistance to pressure drop
  7. Installation of plumbing equipment, wash bowls, toilet bowl etc.
  8. Commissioning works

Comparative analysis of the most popular variants

Before carrying out of pipes replacement, it is necessary to determine operating characteristics of offered options as reliability, durability, ease of installation.

Steel-plastic pipes are widely used in water supply and heating systems. Due to simple connection by means of fittings, the pipes installation can be carried out independently.

Polypropylene pipes are the best alternative for water supply and heating systems. Pipes replacement is carried out by our specialists in a professional level and in a short time. Advantages of polypropylene pipes are long service life, reliability and low price.

Specialists of Server Service Company hav all necessary knowledge and permission for the implementation of such services. Make use of services and you will be pleased with the quality of result.