Air handling unit of high pressure Jet type for fresh air intake: TFD 010

Air handling unit TICA TFD is the ceiling ventilation unit. There are 4 types of input ventilation: with direct drive, with belting drive, 3 speed, as well as ventilation units of high pressure.

The type of ventilation unit is displayed in the name of the model.

TFD010EC-B — direct drive.

TFD030EC-D — belting drive.

TFD030EC-— 3 speed.

TFD070EC-J — Jet type (high pressure)

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Model TFD 010
Air excahnge m3/h 1000
4 rows Cooling capacity kW 13.9
Heating capacity kW 12.0
Volume of water l/s 0.66
Water pressure kPa 16.0
Motor power kW 0.25
Pipes diameter DN 32
6 rows Cooling capacity kW 15.8
Heating capacity kW 14.8
Volume of water l/s 0.75
Water pressure kPa 18.2
Motor power kW 0.25
Pipes diameter DN 32
Condenser pipes diameter DN 25
Power supply 380V/3N ~/50HZ
Type of drive Drive