Cellular air humidifier with axial fan JH18AP-10D8-2

Cellular humidifiers are used in ventilation systems of industrial and agricultural objects for maintenance of the set humidity level.

Operational concept is based on wtaer evaporation from cellular structure in the flow of input air.

Honeycomb structure of humidifiers is made of specially treated cellulose or fibreglass.

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Model uvlazhnitel2
Air input below
Air consumption (m³/h) 18000
Pressure (Pa) 180
Capacity (W) 1100
Type of fan Axial
Speed of fan 16(Triac)
Noise (dB) <73
Cover area (m²) 100-150
Tank for water (l) 30
Water consumption (l/h) 15-20
Power supply (V/Hz) 220/50
Type of control LCD + controller
Weight (kg) Netto weight: 65; Gross weight: 70; Operational weight: 120
Dimension (mm) 1160х1160×900
Packing size (mm) 1170*1170*1010
Size of fan (mm) 675*675
Water intake auto
Prefilter dust need not
Pump protection present