Equipment for controlled atmosphere

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Equipment set for controlled atmosphere

 Equipment for oxygen removal from the chamber (generator of nitrogen)
generator azota Model: T –200Capacity: 5 kW

Nitrogen frequency: 95-99%

Voltage: 380 V

Dimension: 1200х1200х2000 mm

Nitrogen generator (N2) is the device absorbing the oxygen from the air with the help of absorber (carbon molecular sieve). Concentartion of oxygen in product nitrogen is controlled and can be regulated manually.


Automatic control system
Model: CX-10/4Number of controlled roms: up to 4

Measurement range О2: 0-21 %

Measurement range CO20-10%

Precision of measurement CO2/О20,1%

Voltage: 220 V

Automatic control system regulates the concentration of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in controlled atmosphere chamber.

sistema avtomaticheskogo upravleniya


CO2 adsorber
adsorber Model: C-200

Capacity: 4 kW

Voltage: 380 V

Dimension: 2200х1200х1800 mm

Adsorber СО2 (scrubber) is the device with the help of which the concebtration of carbon dioxide (CO2) is controlled in controlled atmosphere chamber. It removes the carbon dioxide excess from air and maintains its precise concentration.


Valve station
Model: Z-5The valve station is the necessary element for controlled atmosphere chamber. It is used for level regulation of gas supply in the chanber. Клапанная станция для РГС - купить в Ташкенте


Сумка для РГС - купить в Ташкенте Gas balance bag — such bags are often called “flexible buffers” or “easy”. It allows to minimize the pressure difference in refrigerating chamber without oxygen supply.


Pneumatic valve
Manufacturer: Omal (Italy)Max. pressure: 8 бbar

Working temperature: from -20 °C to +150 °C

Pneumatic valve is the safety valve of high pressure which helps to maintain the optimal pressure inside the chamber.

пневматический клапан Omal (италия) - купить в Узбекистане


Предохранительный клапан Leser в Узбекистане Safety valve
 This is valve of low pressure which equilize the pressure difference inside controlled atmosphere chamber and outside which is over the limit and can’t be regulaed by means of gas balance bag. It also prevents the malfunction of controlled atmosphere chamber.


 Air humidification for controlled atmosphere
Model: S-6When fruits and vegetables are stored in the chamber with controlled atmosphere, they lose the moisture. It adversely impacts the frozen storage life. At relative air humidity in controlled atmosphere equal to 90%, moisture loss is reduced and the storage life is increased. Ультрозвуковой увлажнитель для РГС в Узбекистане