Roof air conditioner BRIGHT WRF 600

This is a monoblock air conditioner, installed on the roof. It is characterized by reliability, ease of use and installation. It is ideal for the service of large trade centers, sport halls, warehouses, restaurants and production enterprises.

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Model WRF 600
Cooling capacity
kW 188.5
Power consumption
kW 75.48
Heating capacity
kW 202
Power consumption
kW 69.4
Quantity / refrigeration circuit
pcs 4/2
Section of air purification
Type of drive
Air flow
m3/h 36720
Internal static pressure
Pa 460
Motor power
kW 15
Condensation section
Air flow m3/h 80000
Motor power W 4×1500
Power supply
Weight kg 2530
Noise level
dB 82.5